uilleann bagpipes

The blog of an uilleann pipemaker.

d set uilleann pipes for sale


see here for details


Now in natural color

Richard Dwyer Reel

A demo of http://www.kmbagpipes.com printed chanter

great reedmaking knife for uilleann pipes reeds

This is a very useful and inexpensive knife for reedmaking. I have used it for years and reckon it is the best all-round reed-making knife I have ever seen or used. The thin blade is great for cutting the scrape, shaping the tails, halving and cutting the lips.
The blade has twice as many cutting edges as a Stanley knife. Limited stock but currently available at http://www.kmbagpipes.com/rdmkg.html

3d bagpipes chanters for sale

C pipes for sale

see http://www.kmbagpipes.com for details

uilleann chanter high C natural key

key fitted to a printed bagpipe chanter

see http://www.kmbagpipes.com

c chanter and drones for sale

Applewood drones in C, uilleann

see http://www.kmbagpipes.com

chanter for sale


C chanter for sale

see http://www.kmbagpipes.com/hotstuff.html

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