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Adjusting the Bridle 2

This 2nd vid is a demo of adjusting an uilleann chanter reed that closed up over time. This is mainly aimed at customers overseas or who may have reed probs.



Some inspirational uilleann piping here on caleb’s website

Adjusting a bridle

Same chanter. A demo of reed bridle adjusting if it has came loose or the reed became too open during transportation across continents/ climates and examination by customs. Adjusting the reed for the tuning of the back D would need another video. A closed up reed may require the loosening of the bridle if it is too squashed.

more of the same chanter

The Gardener/ Pipemaker

A fine day to get out of the workshop?

Here are two photos of an uilleann D concert chanter during manufacture taken on 2 consecutive days, more to come.

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