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The blog of an uilleann pipemaker.


A back up of some jigs I learnt some time ago

Colour=Commonly Played =Sheetmusic YT=YouTube

An Phis Fhliuch (slip jig)      YT

An Rogue Dubh     YT

An Sean Duine     YT

Banish Misfortune      YT

Banks of Lough Gowna     YT

Battering Ram      YT

Behind the Haystack      YT

Blarney Pilgrim      YT

Blooming Meadows      YT

Boys of Ballymoate      YT

Brian O’Lynn     YT

Bride’s Favourite      YT

Butterfly Jig      YT

Calliope House      YT

Cat’s Meow      YT

Clare Jig     YT

Cliffs of Moher      YT

Coming of Spring      YT

Connaughtmans’s Rambles      YT

Cook in the Kitchen      YT

Dan Sullivan’s Father’s ( Boys of Ballymote)    YT

Donnybrook Fair      YT

Drops of Brandy     YT

Dusty Windowsills      YT

Fasten the Leg in Her      YT

Foxhunter’s Jig (slip jig)     YT

Fraher’s Jig      YT

Freize Brietches      YT

Frost is all Over  (Kilfenora jig, Kitty Lie Over)     YT

Gallagher’s frolics      YT

Gan Anim   ♫   YT

Gander in the Pratie Hole     YT

Garrett Barry’s Jig      YT

Gillian’s Apples      YT

Girl from the big house      YT

Gort Na Mona      YT

Hag at the Churn      YT

Hag witht the money    YT

Haste to the Wedding      YT

Haunted House      YT

Helvic Head      YT

Humours of Ballyloughlin      YT

Humours of Ennistymon  

Humours of Glendart      YT

Idle Road (Winding Road)      YT

Jerry Beaver’s Hat      YT

Kerry Jig      YT

Kid on the Mountain (slip jig)     YT

Killavil Jig       YT

Kilmovee jig    YT

Kitty come down to Limerick ( Will you come down to Limerick)    YT

Knights of St. Patrick (King of the Pipers)      YT

Langstern’s or Langstrom’s Pony      YT

Lark in the Morning     YT

Lilting Banshee (Ryan’s Favourite)      YT

Lisheen (Humours of)     YT

Legacy Jig     YT

Leitrum Fancy (Daleystown Hunt)      YT

Maid at the Spinning Wheel      YT

Maid at the Well  (in A)    YT

Maid in the Meadow     YT

Mist Covered Mountains (Mist on the Mountain)     YT

Monaghan Jig      YT

Morrison’s Jig      YT

Moll Roe (Maire Rua)(slip jig)      YT

Mug of Brown Ale      YT

Munster Buttermilk (this is a nice version,  different tune,  same name)    YT

My Darling Asleep      YT

Na ceannabháin bhána      YT

Old favourite      YT

Old Geese in the Bog       YT

Old Hag You’ve Killed Me      YT

Out in the Ocean      YT

Paddy Fahey’s     YT

Palm Sunday      YT

Petticoat Loose (Strop the Razor)      YT

Pipe on the Hob #1      YT

Pipe on the Hob #2      YT

Queen of the Rushes      YT

Rakes of Kildare      YT

Rambling Pitchfork      YT

Rolling Waves     YT

Rose in the Heather     YT

Saddle the Pony      YT

Scatter the Mud       YT

Sixpenny Money      YT

Ship in Full Sail  YT

Sporting Pitchfork      YT

Strike the Gay Harp      YT

Swallow tail Jig      YT

Tar Road to Sligo      YT

Tatter Jack Walsh      YT

Ten Penny Bit      YT

Three Sea Captains      YT starts at 2.50

Tobin’s Favourite      YT

Tripping up the Stairs     YT

Trip to Sligo       YT

Walls of Liscarroll      YT

Wandering Minstrel      YT

Wards Jig  (Jim Ward’s Jig)       YT

When Sick is it Tea You Want      YT

Willie Coleman’s      YT

Young Tom Ennis    YT


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