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Developing a new chanter

KMBagpipes uilleann chanterHere is a photo of a prototype I made today, it is a new concert D uilleann chanter. It is made in boxwood and has no scalloping of the holes; it has no mounts or ferrules at the moment as it is only in the early stages of testing and playing.


A new reel on the B set

A new airing for a dusty old tune

One of the reels I was taught by Bob Brown, son of Pipe Major Bob Brown the great piper,  and himself a very fine piper was a tune called ‘The Rejected Suitor’. I always disliked the name so when looking for a name for this tune written on the uilleann pipes I came up with the title ‘The Determined Suitor’. The tune has been lying in a notebook unheard and unplayed so I thought I would give it an airing. It sounds like I should have put some more stops (breaths) in it in the last two parts, I will try and improve on that aspect of my playing. The second octave B’ in the 4th part was obtained with the high C natural key and this is why I struggled a bit with the execution there.

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