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The blog of an uilleann pipemaker.


A back up of some reels I had learnt some time ago

Colour=Commonly played Colour=Rarely heard =sheetmusic YT=YouTube Video

Banshee      YT

Belles of Tipperary       YT

Boil the Breakfast Early (2 or 3 parts)      YT

Boys of Ballinahinch      YT

Boys of the Lough    YT

Bucks of Oranmore      YT

Concertina Reel      YT

Cooley’s      YT

Cup of Tea      YT

Devanney’s Goat     YT

Dick Gossip’s      YT

Dinny O’Briens      YT

Donegal Reel      YT

Dublin Reel      YT

Duke of Leinster   ♫  YT

Dunmore Lassies      YT

Earl’s Chair      YT

Eilish Brogan    YT (starts at 2.30)

Fthr Kelly’s      YT

Farewell to Connaught    YT

Farewell to Erin      YT

Farewell to Ireland  (or Erin)   YT   YT

Far From Home      YT   

Farrel O’Gara     YT

Fermoy Lassies      YT

Flogging Reel     YT

Flowers of Edinburgh      YT

Foxhunter’s Reel       YT

Four Courts      YT

Fred Finn’s       YT

Gardiner’s (Milliner’s) Daughter     YT

George White’s Favourite      YT

Glen Rd to Carrick      YT

Golden Keyboard       YT

Gold stud     YT

Gravel Walks      YT

Green Fields of Rossbeigh      YT

Greig’s Pipes (Cregg’s Pipes)     YT

High Reel      YT Is this this the right key anyone?

Holly Bush      YT

Humours of Tulla     YT

Hunter’s House      YT

Hunter’s Purse      YT

Jackie Coleman’s    YT

Jean’s Reel      YT

Jenny Picking Cockles      YT

Jenny’s Wedding      YT

Joe Cooley No. 2   YT

John Brennans        YT

John Kelly’s Concertina Reel or just John Kelly’s      YT starts at 2.09 minutes

Jolly Tinker        YT

Julia Clifford’s   ♫   YT

Killarney Boys of Pleasure      YT

Killavil      YT

KIlty Town      YT

Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel       YT

Knotted Cord       YT

Ladie’s Pantalettes      YT

Lad O’Beirne’s  Reel    YT

Lad O’Beirne’s Favourite or Lad O’Beirne’s Geese in the Bog      YT (starts 1.56)

Limestone Rock      YT

Longford Collector     YT

Maid Behind the Bar      YT

Maids of Mount Kisco      YT

Man of the House ( the day I met Tom Moylan)      YT

Mayor Harrison’s Fedora      YT

Merry Blacksmith      YT

Milliner’s Daughter      YT

Miss MacLeod’s      YT

Miss Ramsay        YT

Mistress of the House      YT

Mountain Road      YT

Moving Pint      YT

Mulqueens    YT

My Love is in America      YT

Nine Points of Roguery     YT

Old Bush     YT

Old Wheels of the World

O’Shaughnessy’s      YT

Otter’s Holt      YT

Over the Moor to Maggie     YT

Paddy Fahey’s     YT

Patsy Touhey’s      YT

Peeler’s Jacket    YT   YT

Peggie on the Settle  

Rakish Paddy     YT

Ravelled Shank of Yarn    YT

Roaring Mary    YT

Rolling in the Ryegrass      YT

Rosscommon Reel     YT

Salamanca      YT

Sailor on the Rock     YT

Sally Gardens     YT 

Sean Reid’s      YT

Scholar (poor scholar)      YT

Scotch Mary      YT

Sheehan’s     YT

Ships are Sailing      YT

Silver Spear      YT

Sligo Maid      YT

Speed the Plough      YT

Sporting Paddy      YT

St. Anne’s Reel      YT

Star of Munster      YT

Stone in the field      YT

Swinging on the Gate     YT

Tarbolton      YT

Teampall An Gleant      YT

Temperance Reel (Teetotallers)      YT

Thrush in the Morning      YT

Tuttle’s      YT

Tommy Peoples (2)      YT

Toss the Feathers      YT

Trip to Durrow      YT

Virginia Reel      YT

Wedding Reel      YT

Wind that Shakes the Barley      YT

Wise Maid      YT

Women of the House      YT

Yellow Tinker      YT




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