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A removable B bass regulator

new C set under construction

The Original Reed-Gripper

A new slow air on the uilleann pipes

Some alternative mounts

Latest Budget chanter concert D uilleann

from http://www.kmbagpipes.com

Low cost uilleann bagpipe chanters for sale

Just new. enquire at kmbagpipes.com for details. Concert pitch D pitch. No keys but can be added

new tune & A drone

Been working on a tune and getting the regs in tune, also took a drone off my c# uilleann set and with a different reed got it going nice

Improving your piping or learning the uilleann pipes

Just in for 2017
An Introduction to Uilleann Piping

A comprehensive & detailed tutorial book for learning to play and improve your uilleann piping,

techniques, tunes, tips, exercises, methods, instrument maintenance

The accompanying dvd data disc contains videos relating to the lessons and is playable on a pc

new 2017 revised edition
uilleann tutor book

available at kmbagpipes.com
buy tutor book



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